Welcome to my world of Fitness passions & accomplishments

Fitness is my world! It is my passion and I am grateful for what it has given me. It has been my beacon in the storm and it has been the mainstay to many happy experiences. I deeply respect what a fit mind and body has to offer us all and I have come to a place in my life where I have the ability to carry forward my passion and support others wanting to incorporate personal health and fitness into their lifestyle.

I started my professional journey in health and fitness as a certified personal trainer/coach, developing and supporting individual clients with their health and fitness goals. While working in this industry, I founded Pedal Pushers, to provide cycling coaching and clinics for women cyclist of all levels. This endeavor definitely was “a good fit” for me as I have been an avid cyclist both professionally and recreationally since I can remember.

The combination of my years as a personal trainer and starting Pedal Pushers was where my desire for supporting and helping others was born. From there I was lucky enough to take some time to focus on my own personal race goals and participated in some of North America's toughest and most challenging mountain bike races (see race resume below). All my experiences and life challenges have enabled me to overcome nagging self-doubt, understand the importance of unconditional support, and, ultimately reach beyond what I ever thought I was capable of doing. I have created A GOOD FIT to share my experiences and to support others to conquer fears, reach goals and LIVE THE LIFE THEY DESERVE!

Athletic Accomplishments:


  • 2019 Chequamegon 41 Miles MTB - 1st Place Age/5th Overall
  • 2019 Breck Epic 3 Day 117 miles/ 20000 ft MTB- 4th Overall 
  • 2019 Power of Four -50 miles MTB -4th Overall
  • 2017 Centurion Gravel True Grit- 1st Overall
  • 2017 Wilmington Whiteface 100 Km-1st Age/4th Overall 
  • 2017 Breck Epic 3 day Stage Race- 3rd Overall 
  • 2016 Wilmington Whiteface  100 Km- 2nd Age/3rd Overall
  • 2016 Mohican 100 km MTB- 2nd Overall 
  • 2016 Cooper Crush Enduro- 1st Pro
  • 2014 Rocky Mnt Endurance Series, Colorado-1st Overall 
  • 2014 Power of Four Aspen Cycling, Aspen Colorado
  • 2014 Breckenridge 100- 1st Age
  • 2014 Ridgeline Rampage- 1st Age
  • 2014 Battle The Bear- 1st Age
  • 2014 Grand Travers-Aspen to Crested Butte- 4th Overall 
  • 2012 Leadville 100 Miles MTB-  Sub 11 hour Finisher
  • 2007 Provincial Championship-Road/Mountain/Time Trial/Cycle Cross-Ontario
  • 2004 Mississauga Marathon 
  • 2003 Trans Rockies Canada-7 Day Stage Race-3rd Overall 
  • 2003 Trans Alps- Germany to Italy- 7 Day Stage Race